Sunday, February 24, 2008

Training Sunday 2/24/08

Couldn't sleep well for some reason, so I woke up a bit tired. After breakfast and running a couple errands for Mrs. Beagle, I went down to the basement, put the bike back on the trainer, and started pedaling. Not as energized as I'd hoped, I only went for 70 minutes, but had a pretty decent workout during that time, doing some one-minute high gear intervals with two minutes of recovery after each. Got in a bit of a post-workout vacuuming, mopping, and running things upstairs and downstairs pursuant to my honeydew list in the afternoon, even if it doesn't sound as impressive as the biking.

  • Breakfast -- oatmeal with a touch of maple syrup, decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- leftover clean up -- beef stew w/carrots, potatoes, celery; and pasta w/peppers
  • Dinner -- gnocchi in red sauce along with a mighty big salad.

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