Saturday, February 16, 2008

Training Saturday 2/16/08

Spent 110 minutes on the bike trainer, mostly maintaining an 80 cadence at a medium/high gear while watching the movie American Flyers (coincidentally, 110 minutes in length). Had to go refill the water bottles quickly about halfway in, but didn't do too badly for that long on the trainer (not the most exciting of training methods). Average heart rate was 144, average speed (take with a grain of salt -- based on trainer) -- was about 15 mph. Biggest issue was numb toes again -- it took 'em a while to gain feeling back afterwards, but they eventually did. AND, no soreness on Saturday morning.


  • Breakfast -- oatmeal with a touch of maple syrup, water, green grapes
  • Lunch -- two small turkey sandwiches on wheat, pickles, vegetable/minestrone soup
  • Dinner -- beef tips over pasta in a red wine sauce, garden salad with Italian dressing, dinner roll
  • Other -- small piece of celebratory birthday cake

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