Monday, February 18, 2008

Training Monday 2/18/08

After taking Sunday off, I had planned to hit the weight room at lunch today. An unexpected but pleasant guest for lunch, however, quickly aborted that plan, which led me to the backup plan. I needed a good hard workout to start the week, focusing on legs. So when I got home, I headed to the bike trainer in the basement and pulled out the VHS of Spinervals 11.0 Big Gear Strength. I hadn't been able to finish this workout in the past, usually running out of steam late in part 4 or 5 of the 5x50s standing intervals in the bike's highest gear. Finished the whole workout this time, although I was getting pretty wobbly by the end of the off-bike lunge set (and that was WITHOUT weights). Average heart rate for the 55 minute workout was 149 bpm.

Also, we have another team member joining Beats Running in the next day or two, and traveling a significant distance to join us at that... Our ranks continue to swell!


  • Breakfast -- large decaf coffee, FiberOne oats/chocolate bar
  • Lunch -- turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce, pickles, and Italian dressing, handful of chips, pickle.
  • Dinner -- casserole (noodles, peppers, onions, sauce, ground beef), a corn muffin, and a 0-calorie diet root beer.

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