Sunday, June 14, 2009

Equipment Failures

Nice day last Sunday, hoped to get in a little ride in a feeble attempt to regain some level of fitness. Half the ride was terrific, the other half, well... my pump broke before I ever even got out of the garage. Not to be deterred, I tried my emergency hand pump -- it would hardly work at all, so I used a CO2 cartridge and got the tire filled up. Still had one more CO2 cartridge, so I felt safe embarking. Halfway through my ride, my front derailleur stopped working. Before I could find a good spot to pull over and attempt some on-the-fly repairs, I dropped the chain. OK, these things happen. Spent about 15 minutes stopped with the bike upside down and was able to get the chain back on, but only the large chainring would work, and derailleur adjustments were beyond my control. Headed home on just the large chainring (thankfully had picked a flat route for the day), and got the bike into the shop. Should have the bike back sometime middle of next week. Oh well, that'll teach me to skip the beginning-of-season tune-up.

Distance: 15.22 miles
Time: a leisurely 62 minutes
Speed: 14.7 mph
Avg HR: 150
Calories burned: 939