Monday, February 25, 2008

Training Monday, 2/25/08

Pretty standard day, took my lunch hour to go lift heavy things and then put them down. I much prefer the 'putting them down' part personally. Exercises included:
  • inclined bench press
  • bench press
  • inclined dumbbell press
  • chest press
  • hack squats
  • leg extensions
  • leg curls
  • tricep pull (rope)
  • barbell bicep curls

Was up wicked early (wicked, in this case, meaning 4 a.m.), so I was a bit tired throughout the day, and took it easy when I got home. Spent most of the evening doing homework, along with a little bit of electronics repair work (fixed the digital camera!).


  • Breakfast -- large decaf coffee, FiberOne oats/chocolate bar
  • Lunch -- turkey on a wheat/oat roll with lettuce, onion, Italian dressing, a couple chips, pickle
  • Dinner -- hot dogs on lite buns with ketchup and relish, and way too many grapes (I know, but I'd been doing so good for the past two weeks!!!)

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