Friday, February 15, 2008

Training Friday 2/15/08

Spent 50 minutes on the bike trainer, mostly just stretching and moderate effort (~80 rpm) spinning in medium gear, with a couple of high gear standing intervals and a few low gear high cadence superspins. Pretty tired after a late night Thursday, so generally took it easy. Toes are still going numb on the bike after about 30 minutes (especially left shoe, which is a touch thinner) -- I'm starting to think that perhaps my feet swell up a bit as I'm working out and my shoes are too tight? Will have to research this some more, as I can't imagine 7+ hours of numb toes is a good thing when it comes time for the Tour de Cure ride.


  • Breakfast -- large decaf coffee, FiberOne oats/chocolate bar

  • Lunch -- two small turkey sandwiches on wheat (a touch of oil) grilled on the panini maker, seedless green grapes, a pickle, and water

  • Dinner -- chicken and pasta with peppers and onions (my concoction), along with a side of broccoli and some water

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