Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Training Tuesday, 3/11/08

Decided to mix things up a bit tonight, as the basement exercise area wasn't put back together yet, so I went worked out with Mrs. Beagle in the living room to her Biggest Loser: The Workout exercise DVD. We started with the warm-up, then did the low-impact workout, concluding with stretching/cool down routines. It was actually kinda funny, and I liked it because the folks in the video were just as out-of-rhythm as I was. You've got to look hard to find someone who has less rhythm than I do!

Since I was then already sweaty, I went down to the basement and spent about 90 minutes cleaning up, rearranging boxes, and in general getting things back in order so that the exercise area is clear again. Was pretty impressed with the final look of the basement, and am definitely looking forward to getting back on the bike!

  • Breakfast -- Fiber One oats/chocolate bar and large decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce and Italian dressing, chips, pickle
  • Dinner -- pork tenderloin, rice, and mixed veggies
  • Dessert -- Skinny Cow caramel ice cream cone

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