Thursday, March 6, 2008

Training Thursday, 3/6/08

Can't say as today was a strong training day, but it was a volleyball day. After a rough day at work, headed out to Hotshots to play against our favorite team. We had all six of our regulars back, which is always a good start. First game started a bit slow, but we were starting to get back into form by the end, despite some erratic passing (what's new). I was having quite a bit of luck swinging hard cross shots, something the opposition adjusted to in the second game. Regardless, we won the first game, and switched sides for the second. Going into the second game, the opposing team was blocking me hard cross, so I made the fatal mistake of starting to think before I hit the ball, which led to a couple more blocked hits, although I still had quite a bit of luck with even harder cross shots. We won game 2. Given that the hard cross strategy was working, what would a wise man do in game 3? Now, who's writing this? Therein lies our problem.

Game 3 they adjusted their block over a bit more, but not so far that hard cross shots wouldn't have continued working. In my infinite brilliance, though, I got to thinking too much and switched over to attacking the line (something I'm usually pretty decent at). I even saw a GORGEOUS set come across from our setter with no block within 3 feet of a line shot. I turned my body, and promptly hit the ball a good yard or two out of bounds. Dummy. At this point I realized my approach must be off, because if I approach at the correct angle, it should be very hard to hit a ball out of bounds down the line. Started adjusting my approach, despite the fact that EVERY good coach knows "the approach to the ball should always look the same. " Things went kaflooey from there. Instead of staying behind the ball and attacking it, my approach turned into me running under the ball and hitting from behind my head. Of course, the ball started sailing up, and I hit a few balls out of bounds as well as getting blocked a few times before we dropped the third game to our friends. Oh well. Something to be said for not going mental in a volleyball game.

  • Breakfast -- Fiber One oats/chocolate bar and large decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- bowl of chicken noodle/vegetable soup
  • Snack -- golden apple
  • Dinner -- bowl of vegetable chicken soup, TON of mixed vegetables (thanks Mrs. Beagle), and two leftover hot dogs on lite buns.
  • Snack -- Coors Lite at vball

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