Monday, March 10, 2008

Training Monday, 3/10/08

Another day with the basement in shambles as the dehumidifiers keep running and the fans keep blowing. Hopefully another day or two and the exercise area will be available for reassembly. In the meantime, I've started looking at backup sump pump system installations (a subject I had quite a bit of practice with due to a power outage at my previous abode), as well as finishing up my schoolwork and planning fence installation for the spring so Cricket the wonder dog can have free run of the back yard. Was considering doing the sump pump installation myself, but Mrs. Beagle highly recommended having it done by a professional. Although I believe I could make it work, she's got a good point that if I do get stuck, we could be without any basement drainage for a day or two while we try to get someone in house to fix my mistake, and one flooded basement event really should be enough excitement for one spring. And I don't really have the all-time greatest track record with home improvement projects... but I'm learning!

  • Breakfast -- Fiber One oats/chocolate bar and a large decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- garden salad (with 'fancy' lettuce) and two tbs of fat-free raspberry dressing
  • Dinner -- pork tenderloin with rice and mixed vegetables.
  • Snack -- 'Skinny Cow' 150-calorie ice cream cone.

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