Sunday, March 16, 2008

Training Sunday, 3/16/08

Hopped on the bike trainer this morning for an hour while watching the first half of Star Wars II. Shoulder had been sore since last Thursday's volleyball match so I was taking it easy for a few days, but it felt really good on the bike for the whole 60 minutes -- back in business! Total distance, 14.9 miles, speed 14.9 mph (go figure), average heart rate ~ 140 bpm. Toes still go numb after about 30 minutes, still convinced it's too-tight shoes. Can't wait for spring to get here so I can get out of the basement and ride outdoors regularly.

  • Breakfast -- Fiber One oats/chocolate bar
  • Lunch -- chicken breast on wheat roll w/barbecue sauce, red apple
  • Dinner -- gnocchi w/red sauce and peppers, golden apple
(PS -- Happy Birthday Corny!!!)

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