Saturday, March 1, 2008

Training Friday, 2/29/08

First, the business news -- I'm thrilled to announce that we have THREE new members of the BeatsRunning Team! The volleyball crew has increased its presence considerably, which brings us up to a very respectable 10 cyclists. Not bad for a bunch of rookies, huh? Total pledges are up to $895, and we still have three more months...

On a related note, given the general guideline that cyclists increasing mileage should increase no more than 10% of their long-distance-ride mileage per week, I've gotta kick up the training here pretty quickly. I want to do 70+ miles by June 1, which, backing off 10% per week, means I need a good 9 solid weeks of outdoor riding to prepare for the event. Given typical Rochester weather in April and May, most any non-snowy weekend I'll need to make a strong effort to get outside for longer and longer rides.

Mrs. Beagle and I are on the road this weekend, taking off straight from work today to head southwest to visit my family for the weekend. The most direct path always leads us along the lakeshores of Ontario and Erie for a majority of the trip, which can lead to some rather interesting weather in the winter months (October-May). This trip was no exception -- we had near-whiteout conditions for about 30 minutes of the trip northeast of Erie, then icy conditions for our last 15 miles as the snow turned to rain and covered the ~ 3 inches of snow with a nice sheet of ice. Coming up the hills wasn't bad with all-wheel drive, but we did a wee bit of sliding going down the hills.

We all know I'm easily amused, but along the way one of the electronic road signs made me laugh. At about the point where I was considering pulling over because I could no longer tell the edges of the road, the sign advised passing motorists "Whiteout Conditions -- Slow Down." Now I'm all for public safety announcements, especially ones directed toward the lowest common denominator when it comes to situations that could involve my personal safety, but if you're driving in the northeast in the winter and need a sign such as this to provide you with velocity advice, I bet you're the same person that caused all the dessicant pack makers to label their product with safety labels such as "do not eat" and the fast food restaurants to place "Caution-Hot" labels on their coffee cups.

Anyhow, we made it, safe and sound, to the ever-friendly confines and warm reception of what will always be 'home.' Along with our dog, Cricket, we also had another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a golden retriever for entertainment as I enjoyed a celebratory malted beverage or two to reduce the 'white knuckle' effect of our drive, along with a much appreciated slice of pizza. Good stuff.

So we talked and kibitzed for quite a while, finally heading off to bed just shy of 11-ish, in preparation for a fairly early morning Saturday, as Padre and I are headed to Cleveland for a three-hour fantasy baseball seminar (not quite sure what to expect here) before heading back home for a nice family dinner, including an introduction to the newest member of the family, a pseudo-nephew who is very cute! No training at all today, just driving -- still feeling pretty good, only ache is what I expect is a slightly pulled abdominal muscle (really started noticing it Thursday night at volleyball), but it hurt a lot less today.

  • Breakfast -- large decaf coffee, Fiber One oats/chocolate bar; large caffeinated coffee and 4 ibuprofen (lack of sleep led to quite the headache in the am)
  • Lunch -- turkey on whole wheat with lettuce, onions, and Italian dressing; pickle; 4 chips (lunch lady was a touch stingy)
  • Dinner -- 2 burgers from McD's in the car, slice of pizza, pepperoni from Mrs. Beagle's pizza, 2 Curs, and a slice of cinnamon toast bread

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