Thursday, April 10, 2008

Training Wednesday, 4/9/08

Took the bike in to a local bike shop, Full Moon Vista, this afternoon to get the back tire replaced (replaced the tubes while I was at it), refill on CO2 cartridges, and pick up two spare tubes for future flat troubles. Folks there were quite friendly and it was a slow day, so they even offered to assist a bit with bike fit given my problem with numb fingers after ~30 or so miles. As they did the fitting, it didn't take long for 'em to realize that all my weight was on my hands and shoulders, which they adjusted by pulling my seat back considerably and tilting the nose up a touch. Still not a perfect fit, but they said 90% of the way there, could make it a touch better by replacing the handlebars, but I'd already spent enough money for one day on the tire, cartridges, and tubes, and thought I'd see how the new fit worked out.

Interestingly, they said the bike as purchased was probably not an optimal fit, something I was worried about when I purchased the bike last year and specifically asked several times to make sure the fit was optimal, including test rides. Grrrrr. Anyhow, got home and the sun was shining, so snuck in a late afternoon ride to test out the new bike fit. Picked the standard 12-mile loop I prefer for shorter rides, and started off pretty well. Definitely have more control over the bike with my weight back, and the hand numbness improved, but still wasn't perfect. Last couple miles fought quite a headwind, but instead of pushing hard, I used the opportunity to play around a bit more with hand positions. Eventually I'm thinking I may want to pull the handlebars back, as fingers are still tingly, but overall, a big improvement.

Cycling computer was sent back a few days ago for warranty repair, so no official numbers on speeds/heartrates/etc., but I estimated the trip at ~ 12 miles, completed in 45 minutes, for an average speed of 16 mph.

  • Breakfast -- large decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- barley/vegetable soup
  • Dinner -- pasta with meat sauce

Training Thursday -- volleyball night, start of a new session!

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