Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Training Wednesday, 4/16/08

After 26 miles yesterday, I thought I'd take today to do a shorter distance, but go a bit harder and throw in some interval training, using tomorrow (volleyball day) as a recovery day. With the sun out, 60 degree temperatures, and a moderate wind of ~ 15 mph out of the SSW, it seemed an opportune day to run the standard 12-mile loop in Webster, pushing at a moderate pace for the first half, and using the second half hills along the lake for some tougher hills. It was also a good chance to hook up the refurbished cycle computer, which arrived today as a warranty replacement.

Winds weren't in the direction I was used to, so the first half of the ride, into the wind, wasn't quite as fast as I'd hoped, but I got my average speed back up to 18 mph by the time I hit the 10-mile mark. Unfortunately, there I hit a wall. Heading up an average 1.5% grade into the wind the last two miles, I just couldn't maintain the 18 mph, and saw my average speed drop to about 17.5 mph by the time I reached the turnoff for home. Still not bad, considering my all-time best average speed for this loop is 17.9 mph, set last September after four days of rest. Average heart rate for the ride, 160 bpm. Max HR, 184 bpm. Calories burned: 743.

  • Breakfast -- FiberOne oats/chocolate bar, large decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- hot dogs on wheat rolls, salad
  • Snack -- chips and peach salsa

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Anonymous said...

OK, you're moving. That 17.9 sounds good! Much like you I took yesterday as a lower milage day - went 15 around the lake, but the wind was a steady 20-25+, with gusts to 40! Rode the lake so as to have to fight the wind most of the way back - I figure it's as good as riding hills. :-)