Saturday, April 12, 2008

Training Saturday, 4/12/08

Hopped back on the bike this morning in the couple hours the weather guesser predicted wouldn't be quite as rainy and cold as the rest of the hours in the day (around 40°F). Started out heading south toward Penfield, then continued past yesterday's turn-around point and into Fairport, making a bit longer loop before turning back north toward home. Was running low on fluids, so stopped at McD's at the turn for a lemonade (diluted in half in the two water bottles) and a sausage biscuit with egg for a bit more energy. The ride from Penfield back to Webster was straight, fun, and fast again with the wind somewhat at my back (SW wind at 10-15 mph). Probably averaged 18-19 mph, and was even overtaking a couple of other rode bikers I saw in the distance until they turned off in Webster Village.

This was the first time I'd attached a rack to the road bike, as I wanted to carry some heavier gloves, face mask, and rain poncho just in case it got even uglier. Ended up switching to the heavy gloves and face mask, but never had to pull out the poncho. The rack certainly adds considerable weight to the bike (noticed when picking it up to get started), but I didn't feel much heavier on the road. Will plan on continuing to train with it on the bike, with the hopes of not needing it come century time on June 8.

Overall, felt pretty good. My lower back was sore after volleyball on Thursday, and Friday night and Saturday morning even more sore, so I was a bit worried about how far I should go today. Initially I wanted to go ~30 miles along the lakeshore, but switched to an unknown route down to Fairport and back. Was even considering heading out for a longer period, but with the weather guesser predicing thunderstorms around noon-time, I'm pleased to say it was the threat of weather and not soreness, exhaustion, or lack of motivation that sent me home at the end of the ride. Total distance -- 22.5 miles. Calories burned -- ~ 1250.

  • Breakfast -- small decaf coffee and bran/raisin muffin.
  • Lunch -- sausage biscuit with egg and a lemonade
  • Dinner -- hot dogs on wheat rolls with fixins

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Anonymous said...

Beagle, nice ride, must be neat country to ride in. Rode in the Lancaster Ride today, just south of Dallas. A very well run ride...stiff north wind on the return leg kinda' sucked though.