Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Training Tuesday, 4/15/08

Got home and the sun was out, hip flexor was feeling better, so loaded up the bike with water and went out for a nice training ride. Unfortunately, it was colder than I anticipated, and I wasn't but a mile or two into the ride before I realized 49°F with a strong wind wasn't as comfortable as I'd hoped in my current garb. I kept going anyhow, though, hoping as I warmed up my muscles, I'd get used to the temperature.

It turned into one of my best rides so far. Although I was cold the entire time, I made great time down to Fairport, averaging close to 18 mph without too much effort, and handling a couple mile stretch at well over 20 mph at one point. The stiff backwind certainly helped. As I made the loop in Fairport, though, my left hip flexor started to ache a bit, and I was worried I was going to cramp up. I quickly got some more water in me and made a conscious effort to spin and not hammer on the pedals for a bit, then took a two-minute off-bike breather in Penfield to stretch on the grass before continuing home. No more issues.

The trip back home was relatively uneventful, still a bit chilly, but again I was able to maintain 16-20 mph most of the way, although I did seem to hit every single red light. All in all, a good training day. Ate a couple raspberry Fig Newtons along the ride to see how they sat in my stomach (no issues -- not sure why, but bikers recommend Fig Newtons, so gave it a try). Also found I could deal with an almost-cramped situation and continue on. Dealt with numb toes partway through the ride, but was able to get some feeling back. And I managed the whole 26 miles without any finger numbness. Definitely an improvement and I can see the training paying off. Estimated calories burned -- 1500.

  • Breakfast -- FiberOne oats/chocolate bar and a large decaf coffee
  • Lunch -- turkey sandwich on wheat w/lettuce, onions, Italian dressing; chips
  • Dinner -- hot dogs on wheat buns, big salad with lots of veggies, lite Italian dressing

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