Sunday, April 6, 2008

Training Saturday, 4/5/08

While out of town for a fun baseball-filled weekend in Toronto, Mrs. Beagle and I worked out in the hotel gym for a bit Saturday morning. Nothing too exciting, a 10-minute warmup on the exercise bike, followed by some chest exercises with dumbbells as well as leg extensions and curls on a universal gym-type machine.

We did get to see two great baseball games at the Skydome (errrr, Rogers Centre) with the Blue Jays hosting the Red Sox for the season opener. Saw Wakefield pitch on Friday night, and Sunday we were right down at the field level behind 3rd base just a few rows back -- all I can say is, Frank Thomas is a big big man, and gets even bigger the closer he gets (go figure!)

Saturday night we took in a show at the Canon Theatre -- We Will Rock You, based on the music of Queen. I wasn't quite sure what to expect going in, but we had a great time. The story was based around a variety of Queen songs, which made for a bit of a corny theme throughout the show, but the writers used the corny story to poke fun at the show itself, much as Queen has done in a number of their hits (i.e. the final words of One Vision are "fried chicken.")

Sets were OK, but the music was truly outstanding. The male lead, Galileo (3rd from left), was absolutely tremendous, as was the other primary male vocalist, Hillary Duff (left-most actor in picture at right). Scaramouche, the female lead (second from left), was also a terrific singer, although her on-stage presence wasn't quite as strong. The numbers Under Pressure, Who Wants to Live Forever, and I Want It All were all amazing. The only numbers that were iffy were those sung by the "bad guys," Killer Queen and her lackey, and thankfully, they were typically fairly quick. Choreography wasn't overwhelming (I'm not a dance fan, but I recall the dancers at Billy Joel's Movin' Out stealing the show). Overall, tremendous show, and the band playing for the performance was outstanding. Hate to admit a theater show was even better than the baseball game, but the music sure made it close!

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