Sunday, June 1, 2008

Training Sunday, 6/1/08

With the century coming up in a week, I want to make sure I keep my knee in good shape, so I decided on a short, hard 1-hour interval workout today by riding up and down some hills along the lake, then a hard push with the wind at my back toward home. (Winds out of the west at 15-20 mph).

Knee started hurting a bit toward 10 miles, so I eased up a touch at the end and settled on just a 12.4 mile route for the day. Weather has been ugly last couple days, so not many other chances to sneak rides in, and with my second job (evenings) kicking in starting Monday, I may be in a forced taper getting ready for the big 100 mile ride.

  • Distance: 12.44 miles
  • Speed: 17.2 mph
  • Fastest: 23.7 mph
  • Avg. HR: 161
  • Max HR: 182
  • Calories Burned: ~ 800

Route has been posted for the upcoming century:

Detailed Topo7 maps (w/aerial imaging) are available by clicking on DeLorme Mapshare.

Elevation Profile:

Climbing Elevation: 5105.7 ft


Anonymous said...

Good luck on that Century! What an accomplishment - can't wait to read about it. The day before we are doing a Metric Century at the Mesquite Rodeo Ride....the Hotter than Hell 100 and the Death Valley 100 still loom.

Have a great ride!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Grumpy! Will keep you updated, and good luck on your metric!