Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shakedown Ride

Well, one more day until the big event. Went out and picked up some SportBeans and ShotBlocks for emergency energy, then took the bike out for an easy shakedown spin of around 12-14 miles (no bike computer), just an easy pace to make sure all was well (and it was).

Got home and checked out the weather forecast, as rumors of thunderstorms have been circling for some time. Despite the standard response of "I think they'll be later in the day," it appears the storms should start about the time we get on our bikes, and stop about the time we get off. Wonderful... But, I suppose there's nothing I can do about it, so no sense in worrying!

I've decided to take my Camelbak along for the ride. As hot as it's going to be, I'd rather have the security of my Camelbak which I'm used to drinking from regularly as opposed to forgetting to drink from the bottle on the bike. Also, it'll allow me to bring a fresh pair of socks or two in case they get soaked and uncomfortable early in the ride. Have also packed up a packet each of SportBeans, ClifShots, GU Gel Paks, and three bags of GORP. I know there will be food along the way, but as much as possible, I want to stick with the foods I've been training with, as I know they don't upset my stomach if I eat them at the intervals I'm used to.

Bike is loaded, have a few more details to get ready before heading out tomorrow morning, but I think this is as ready as I get. Here's hoping the lightning holds off tomorrow, the bike behaves well, and if it's not too much to ask, a gentle tailwind would certainly be appreciated! All else failing, I plan to hold to my overall strategy for this ride -- ultimate goal is to keep the bike between me and the asphalt at all times.

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