Monday, August 4, 2008

Easy Evening Ride

Back on the back this evening, about 4.25 miles with Mrs. Beagle as a warm-up, then rode through some developments before stopping to chat with some friends for a few minutes, then up to Lake Ontario for a couple miles before repeating the loop just in time to pick up Mrs. Beagle at the end of her activity and enjoy a nice cooldown ride back home. Sunset was beautiful, temperature was comfortable, and the company was perfect.

Distance: 22.5 miles
Avg. Speed: 13.7 mph (lots of stops)
Calories Burned: 1,283
Avg. HR: 128
Max HR: 179


will said...

wow impressive 20+ miles :) I can only wish I can bike that much.

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"A" the "O" in Love said...

So glad to read you slowed to enjoy the sunset! It is amazing the things we see when we get out of our cars and get on a bicycle, even some back roads on a motorbike, or just walk.

If you or your readers are interested, here is a piece on just enjoying the journey - just like when we were kids:

LoveUbecause ... you were my first "real" bicycle!

Now let's hope all this snow and cold disappears soon, so we can all get out on our bikes and enjoy our ride and the sunsets once again!

Neal said...

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